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Amaris (b. 1996) is a Nebraska-based artist working primarily within photography and poetry. She was born in Norfolk, Nebraska and moved to Lincoln in 2014 to attend the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. She graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy with minors in Psychology and Art, focusing on Photography. 


Her photographic work centers around self-expression, portraiture, and artistic narratives. In her art, Amaris uses long exposure photography to obscure certain figures in the frame, which represents emotion within the photograph. Stagelight Gaze (2019 - 2020) portrays Lincoln and Omaha’s drag scene, spotlighting the performers’ stage personalities and using long exposure shots to represent the performers’ emerging emotions throughout their sets and in their daily lives. Contrafluid (2021) explores the difficulty in navigating self-expression within rural Nebraska, using strobe lights to create emotion within the light and shadows of the photographs. 

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